Vacuum Therapy

The Intermittent Vacuum Therapy (IVT) provides an effective treatment and relief of various symptoms related to peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Vacuum Therapy

Studies show a significant improvement in blood circulation, which enhances blood flow – especially to the lower extremities of the body (arms, hands, legs and feet). With intermittent vacuum therapy, the microcirculation seems to be stimulated and the return blood flow is likely to be strengthened. Intermittent vacuum therapy enhances the quality of life for patients suffering from PAD.

Sports and excercise

What if injuries, muscle aches and fatigue was not a problem?
Intelligent Pressure Therapy strengthens the blood circulation, improve the wellbeing and helps faster recovery.

Indications for vacuum therapy

Decreased blood flow to the lowerextremities (arms, hands, legs and feet)


Cold feet

Tired legs

Swollen legs and feet

Decreased wound healing onlegs and feet

Discoloration of the skin on legs

Legs with weak pulse

Legs with limited blood flow

Peripheral lymphedema (swelling)

Peripheral circulatory disorderassociated with diabetes

Diabetic foot disease

Reduced return blood flow in legs


Intelligent Pressure Therapy strengthens the blood circulation, improve the wellbeing and helps faster recovery.

Higher energy (experience) after training

Less fatigue after training

Better muscle feel after training

Preserves performance after high-intensity training

Improves neuromuscular recovery

Helps faster recovery

Faster regeneration after high-intensity training

Lowers/normalizes lactate levels faster

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      WittCare was established in 2016 as a new Health Care Division under Witt A/S.

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      Vacuum therapy is one of the first and leading treatments in our portfolio. Our health professionals practices vacuum therapy in our own clinic in Gødstrup outside Herning, as well as educating our partnering clinics. Through our own clinic we have established a collaboration with a wide range of sports clubs and athletes helping them with recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation after an injury.

      WittCare is an active partner i different patient associations with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of vacuum therapy as well as educate on new innovative research studies, that will optimise the treatments offered to the patients.

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